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Working with a Business Coach & Consultant: What are the benefits?

Helping companies build cultures their employees want to champion and coach people to accept nothing less.

It’s time to stop helping people cope with toxic cultures.

It's time to start building strong foundations, instead of fixing broken parts.

That is the mission statement for one of Sindiket Groups featured preferred partners, Stubborn Heart Consulting, owned and operated by Staci Taustine. In the world of strong female entrepreneurs, she fits the bill.

I often say "I Woke Up for This!" because I have clawed my way back for a second chance at life.... I am glad to spend it bringing people together around transformational experiences. My darkest days inspire me to help others find light in themselves and one another. Nothing stands between us and the tomorrow we dream of if we are willing to keep growing and changing..…together. Staci Taustine

So, what are the benefits of working with a business consultant?

  1. Customized 1-1 and Group experiences that upskill from the inside out -- from the heart to the handbook. (The kind of professional development that sticks with you)

  2. Being a part of a network of like-minded professionals.

  3. Full-disclosure, and the ability to communicate your needs. "Bring your whole self, your whole story, and a commitment to showing up for the journey. We lead ourselves, support each other, and influence change-- from the bottom up and the top down."

  4. Fresh perspective, recommendations, welcome distractions, and access to real-time learning/ Live Q&A's

What are the services provided by Stubborn Heart?

1-1 Coaching

Coaching is about showing up for your dreams. It is about getting laser-focused on what you want to be true, sorting through your non-negotiables, and taking action. Even if you don’t know where to start because you don’t know what you need? Been there...get that too. You can start where you are and still get where you want to go.

Corporate Heart

An exceptional employee experience isn’t about beer on tap. It is about feeling seen, heard, and included. The goal of Corporate Heart is to build Grown Up Sandboxes to build more connected teams. Services include:

  • Organizational Coaching & Consulting

  • Keynotes & Workshops

  • Content Design

Leadership Amplifier

Fine-tune Individual Growth. Plug into Collective Strategy. Amplify Organizational Success.

Program features:

  • 8 two-hour synchronous virtual workshops at your desired cadence [Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, etc]

  • 3 one-hour Strategy Sessions

  • Ongoing Cohort support via Slack

  • +Optional Add On 1-1 Coaching

Program benefits:

  • Bite-size programming designed to fit into employee schedules.

  • Builds reciprocity and closes communication gaps between middle managers and C-Suite Leadership.

  • Increases employee motivation and engagement.

  • Activates inclusive working processes and practices to achieve immediate shifts in behavior to nurture equity, diversity, and inclusion(EDI) goals organizationally.

  • Prioritizes individual professional development while supporting collective organizational outcomes.

  • Compliments Internal Employee Retention and Learning & Development Strategies

  • Transforms mid/senior leaders into confident and strategic managers prepared to succession plan for organizational success.

Stubborn Schools

Building inclusive practices for shared governance at school and beyond. Prioritize Intergenerational programming designed to:

  • Advance youth development, center youth voices, and amplify engagement. ​

  • Generate and sustain meaningful youth-adult partnerships.

  • ​Define and elevate critical consciousness and healthy dialogue.

  • Promote collective action and achieve practical results.

We've seen tremendous growth in our own clients after connecting them with Stubborn Heart.

Are you ready for individual or organizational Coaching & Training?

Stubborn Heart Consulting

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