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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The genesis of The Sindikət Group was the collision of frustration and hope—the mixture of dissatisfaction and expertise. 

Innovated by the passionate hearts and ambitious minds of a few spirited individuals that were fed up with marketing agencies not delivering on the promises they make and sick of the philosophical "bullshido" plaguing the business and entrepreneurship space, we decided to take a different approach.

By partnering with experts around the globe, we are able to deliver a vast array of services without compromising on the quality of any, all for one cause: growth. 

Our vision inspires change, encourages ownership, instigates growth, and instills character. Our vision holds us accountable, in that we don't grow unless you do.

Our vision breathes when yours comes to life.

Connecting Dots

Meet The Təam

Stephen Kalantgopoulos
Erin Barley

Stephen Kalantgopoulos

Erin Barley

Erin Barley

Erin Barley

Alaric Abreu

Graphic Design & Content Creation King

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